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Sarcófago - Crust - 2000

Banda: Sarcófago
Album: Crust
Ano: 2000
Gênero: Black / Thrash / Death Metal

Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier - Vocals, Guitars
Gerald "Incubus" Minelli - Bass
Session member:
Eugenio - Drum Programming, Keyboards

1. Sonic Images Of The New Millennium Decay 01:56
2. Day Of The Dead 03:39
3. F.O.M.B.M. (Fuck Off The Melodic Black Metal!) 02:54
4. Crust 03:12

DOWNLOAD Sarcófago - Crust - 2000:

Recorded in December 2000 at Polifonia Studio.
Remastered and included as bonus in the 2007 re-edition of the "The Worst"
Released as 12" Vinyl EP by Satanic Skinhead Propaganda in August 2008. Limited
to 500 copies on black vinyl.
Unofficial discography (bootlegs):
Sore Catechesis - Live at HMC
Blasphemies - Live in Buenos Aires
Satanic Black Vomit Lust
2001 - "Nights in Hell" Warhammer Records
2004 - "Lust for Death"
2009 - "Nazarenus Torment Continues" Nuclear Desecration
Eugenio "Dead Zone" started playing with Sarcófago when they recorded "The Laws of Scourge", playing keyboards. In their next album, "Hate", he began to program the drum machine.
Nowadays, Wagner Lamounier is a professor of economic sciences.

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