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Zoltar - Into the Dephts to Burn - 2002

BANDA: Zoltar
Album: Into the Dephts to Burn
local: (Votorantim, Sao Paulo - brasil)
Gênero: Death Metal
Ano: 2002
Site: http://www.myspace.com.br/zoltarbrazil

Rodolfo Nekathor - Vocals, Guitar
Fabrício Exumer - Guitar
Mário Deathvastation - Bass
Oscar M.Vision - Drums

1. Ancestral Vengeance / Kill Me Angel 06:48
2. The Night of Unholy Archangel 03:26
3. Evil Churches 03:11
4. Lord Zoltar 05:29
5. War, Fire & Domination 03:17
6. Inocence Of Death 00:49
7. Pleasure Of Possession / Malicious Malevolence 04:08
8. The Temple Of Evil 03:24
9. Decade Of Blood 03:47
10. Malicious Malevolence 03:40
11. Braded To Pain 03:33
12. Impaler 03:00
13. Spit in the Cross 01:53

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SENHA: www.warezscene.org

The tracklist on the backcover, just like the booklet, has some errors:
- 01. "Ancestral Vengeance" and "Kill Me Angel'" just like
"Pleasure of Possession" and "Malicious Malevolence", are joined together as
"intro / song".
- 02. The name of track 10 is nowhere to be found.

Shit. For every awesome band that comes out of Brazil there are a few shitty ones, and this band is definitely one of the shitty ones. This entire record is chock full of solid thrash riffs, but the vocals are inexcusably awful, the band's image and presentation is lame, the recording is sort of screwy... and all in all it's just an immature CD. The first song is almost seven minutes long, and a huge chunk of that is a fucking stupid synth intro - one of the worst I've ever heard in my life. What is the deal with that crap? I actually like most of the guitar riffs here, but the drums are really loud and flat, there's no bass, the guitar tone has a weird sheen to it, and the vocals... oh my god, where do I start? For one, it sounds like the guy is singing with the mic in his throat, and then it sounds like he was recorded singing in a shower stall one room over from the rest of the band. The "growling" or "shouting" or whatever it is sounds totally forced, distant, and has this fucked up natural reverb to it. Awful. I don't know, it's a shame that these guys are trying so damn hard to be "metal". They've got a stupid band name, the record is strewn with cheesy (though almost tolerable) illustrations, they've got a decent logo, but the band photos are fucking full of stupid makeup, stupid poses, stupid metal "fashion", etc. And the layout is terrible, it looks pasted together, the font choices are poor, and so on. The lyrics are of course typically anti-christian attacks, constantly using words like "agony", "chaos", "apocalypse", blah, blah, blah. If these guys would get a new vocalist and take a more mature approach they'd be alright. Their death metal riffs are generic and painfully boring, but the thrash riffs are great. I could even deal with the weak recording were it not for the obnoxious vocals. I hate to be so hard on this but I can barely sit through this entire CD

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  2. Melhor bande de Death Metal do Brasil e fez história no underground paulista....hailllll

  3. Mas a formação da época nao era essa que consta no blog e sim esta aqui:
    - Nuno: Guitarra e vocal
    - Rodolfo: baixo
    - Sérgio: bateria
    - Fábio (Fubá): guitarra

  4. Não era o Rodolfo quem fazia o vocal, mas sim o Nuno.