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Songe d'Enfer - My Visions In the Forest - 1995

BANDA: Songe d'Enfer
Album: My Visions In the Forest 
Ano: 1995
Gênero: Black Metal
Localidade (Rio de Janeiro)

Fog - Vocals, Guitars
Lechis - Bass
Reston - Drums
Hashcloud - Keyboards

1. Et Vidit Quod Esset Bonum... (Sublime Blasphemy) 05:32
2. My Lady Princess of Hell (Conjuration to Gordon) 05:35
3. My Visions In The Forest 08:00
Total playing time 19:07

Songe d'Enfer - My Visions In the Forest

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  1. VAZOU
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  2. Et Vidit Quod Esset Bonum...

    (The man said):
    I Wanted to know everything, I know all
    where i am must not be
    I've lived to the fullest, and conquered my surroundings
    I fear life for the earth despises me.

    (The Earth said):
    My breast brings a freezing downfall
    My Milk made poison for man to drink
    The Curse of sin traps all
    I'm tired of procreation.

    (The Sky said):
    The levin rusts from extreme falsenes
    The archangels sleep in the sacred all
    Awaiting the arrival of the chosen.

    (The Abyss said):
    Sathanas no longer desires
    The souls of the damned for there are too many of them...

    (The verb said):
    You must start again!
    Hail Victory!

  3. My Lady Princess of Hell (Conjuration to Gordon) 05:35 Hide lyrics
    "Come oh triple Bombo, Infernal Goddess,
    from earth and Celestial skies
    Goddess of the paths and crossroads!
    Eternal opposes (enemy) of the light who brings us light,
    awanderer of the night!...

    A mist over shadows and sepulchres,
    enjoys the baying of wolves
    and with the vapor of dripping blood
    brings fear to the mortals ....

    Oh! Gorgon! Mormo! Multifaced moon!
    with lightning, comes a sacrifice in your honour!
    Oh Gorgon! My Lady Princess of Hell..."

  4. My Visions in the Forest 08:00 Hide lyrics
    Oh! Unholy Forest, your beauty is like Hell with the Souls crying ...
    The Mother Godess Moon embraces us with a nightmare fog ...

    The one where the sun is dominated by its half empire in the sky ...

    Oh! Eternal Lady of Dominated, you are the only to be permanent
    In the highest level of our visions and wisdom ...

    The Cold win, bring me the fire and you are the onem that's give
    force and protection ...
    I can feel your gentle touch in my soul, your fear and your embrace ...
    I can see you abd I worship you as if you could touch deep into my eyes ...

    Oh! My Lord Wind

    When you come you bring the best feeling to a sad and suffering soul ...
    Your beauty cuts me like an athame ans my blood goes with you in
    Your homage ...
    Magic words to my unknown existence ...