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Rebaelliun - Burn the Promised Land - 1999

Banda: Rebaelliun
Album: Burn the Promised Land
Ano: 1999
Estilo: Death Metal - Bem Dethão mesmo - Annihilation, Anti-Christianity, Death, War
Local: Porto Alegre - Rio grande do sul - Gauchos Tchê!!!
Site: http://www.myspace.com/rebaelliun

Marcello Marzari : Bass, vocals
Fabio Penna Corrêa : Guitars
Ronaldo Lima : Guitars
Sandro Moreira : Drums

Produced by REBAELLIUN between June-July 1999
Engineered and Mixed by Bruno Klein, Assistant Engineer: Luciano Albo
Mastered by Marcos Abrev
The limited digipak release has the promotape / "At war" CD single as bonus.
Re-released in late 2000 (by Hammerheart) with the 'Bringer Of War' EP as bonus
tracks following on at the end of the album

1. At War 03:36
2. ...And The Immortals Shall Rise 02:47
3. Killing For The Domain 03:57
4. Spawning The Rebellion 03:24
5. Flagellation Of Christ [The Revenge Of King Beelzebuth] 04:36
6. Hell's Decree 04:47
7. The Legacy Of Eternal Wrath 03:53
8. Burn The Promised Land 04:07
9. Triumph Of The Unholy Ones 03:55

Download Rebaelliun - Burn the Promised Land - 1999:
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